Photo of Me

My name is Mark Klein and I'm a software developer specializing in VBA Programming and the development of relational database systems in Microsoft Access. I've been programming computers since the early 80's and working with Access since 1997, and I have years of experience in a small manufacturing environment including millwork shops and cut and sew operations. In addition to databases I do CNC programming and have written systems that parameterize CNC programs so users can cut parts to sizes or definitions stored in a database. Here are a few things I can offer your organization ...

  • System Design I deliver three-tiered database systems, the tiers being data (tables/queries), business logic (classes/programming), and presentation (forms/reports). This is an industry standard that promotes reliability and scalability.
  • User Interface Design I design for users not programmers. I put as much functionality as possible on custom and context sensitive ribbons, to enhance what Microsoft calls 'discoverability.' This keeps your users happy and your training costs low.
  • Rapid Results I have a huge library of objects and code that make a system look clear, organized and consistent in a short period of time. Check out some of these in the Tools section.
  • Soft Skills & Communication. I listen to people. I understand that changing how you do things at the office can generate anxiety. Your employees may worry about job security or that they don't have the skills they'll need going forward and I'm sensitive to these dynamics. I understand that for a business owner or manager it's not just a matter of good data structures and programming, it's about your employees buying into the plan.
  • Partner in Your Goals and Objectives. I understand that software is a tool, and only one aspect of the implementation of a business process. I can deliver a better product if I understand more about your overall plan, and in this respect I'm your partner. What I bring to the table is 'outside the box' thinking--creativity and imagination--but at the end of the day the discipline to formalize business processes and encapsulate them in an effective targeted solution.
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