Selector Screen Shot
One of the most common problems to solve in a database system is finding data, and this tool addresses that by presenting the user with a SQL driven modal window to find a record. Features include...
  • 'search as you type' keystroke handling--including * and ? wildcards--so the list is immediatly requeried to only show matching records
  • clicking column headers sorts or reverse sorts that column
  • double clicking a list item selects it
Code to open the selector is as simple as ...
Sub TestSelector() 'declare a new instance of type cSelector Dim sel As New cSelector 'run the load method, providing SQL and other parameters sel.Load _ "Select some test data ...", _ "Test Data Selector", _ "SELECT ID, [Name], [Value] FROM tTestData" 'show a modal dialog, code will pause here until selector closes sel.Show 'show results if the selector wasn't cancelled If Not sel.Cancelled Then MsgBox sel.ReturnValue End Sub

This download is a zip file containing a database called selector.mdb. Check it out. This database also includes the Listview Builder tool, which is used by the Selector.